5 major buildings

1) Galins’ Inn- the inn, while owned by the Galin family, is operated by the half-elf Tanis. The first level is generally filled with townspeople, socializing and drinking, at the tavern/restaurant, where Tanis often tends bar. The three upper levels are filled with rooms available for rent, which many town residents do in fact rent.

2) Davlamin Emporium- the emporium is owned and operated by Davlamin the Magnificent. The emporium sells most first level magic items and all simple melee and ranged weapons for full price. Davlamin will also inspect any items or artifacts for a small fee (10 gp).

3) Temple of Pelor- the temple is small, but a beautiful representation of the love the town has for Pelor. The temple is operated by the human cleric, Rach’ael.

4) Training Grounds- the training grounds is essentially a gated area full of sand…blood stained sand. The training grounds are operated by the half-orc Gru’han. The grounds are a place where and boy or man above the age of 15 come to be trained in military combat to defend the town against both the undead attacks, as well as any other attacks the town is subject too.

5) Town Hall- the town hall double as both the central hub for the towns political happenings as well as home to the Lord of the towns family.

5 major buildings

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